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Analogue Temperature Controller with digital indicator


Rail Mounting Type Digital ON/OFF Temperature Control Device
DIN RAIL Mounting Heating / Cooling Applications 3 Digits display PTC, NTC PT-100, PT-1000 thermoresesistances input types Fe-Const (J), NiCr-Ni (K) thermocouples input types (Must be determined in order) ON/OFF Temperature Control Selectable Heating or Cooling Function Adjustable Temperature Offset Value Set Value Boundaries Relay or SSR Driver Output Compressor Protection Times


Digital ON/OFF Temperature Control Device
Installing parameters using Prokey Password protection for programming section Adjustable internal buzzer according to sensor defect status 4 Digits Display NTC Input or PTC Input or J type thermocouple Input or Ktype thermocouple Input or 2-Wire PT-100 Input ori 2-Wire PT-1000 Input (Must be determined in order.) Adjustable temperature offset ON/OFF temperature control Selectable heating or cooling function Remote acces, data collecting and controlling with Modbus RTU (Optional)