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TFT LCD Display Incubator Controller
320 x 240 Pixel TFT LCD Can Start the Incubation Period Minus Days (RTC) Real Time Time Operation On the Main Screen (Day, Hour, Minute) Display Heating PID or ON/OFF Cooling ON / OFF Control Analogue input (mA, mV, V, PT-100, Pronem-Mini) (Must be determined in order) Humidity Control Shutter Control Tray Rotation Control Alarm Parameters Real Time Clock Event Logs  


Poultry House Controllers Easy Access to Control Process for : Layer ; Egg production Broiler ; Chicken production for excellent quality meat Breeder ; Mother and father growth for broiler and layer


Digital ON/OFF and PID Hatcher Controller
Temperature and Humidity (NTC, PTC, PT-100 or ProNem Mini PMI-D) Humidity Sensor Input (0/2..10V, 0/4..20mA or ProNem Mini PMI-D) Auto-Tune PID Egg Tray manuel operation from front panel 4 Digits Temperature and 4 Digits Humidity Display Pronem PMI-P Temperature Sensor Input Pronem Mini PMI-P Humidity Sensor Input 4 Output for Temperature Control Output, Egg Tray Turning Output Humidity Control Output, Alarm Control Output PID or ON/OFF Selectable Temperature Control Temperature and Humidity Set Value Boundaries