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Process Control Device with Universal Input and Dual Set
ESM-XX30 Auto-tune and Self-tune PID Dual or multi point calibration for dc Voltage/Current input Bumpless transfer 4 Digits process (PV) and 4 Digits set (SV) display Universal process input (TC, RTD, mVdc, Vdc, mAdc) Configurable ON/OFF, P, PI, PD, and PID control forms Manual/Automatic mode selection for control outputs Programmable heating, cooling and alarm functions for control outputs


Single Set Programmable Counter
EZM-XX30 Reset, Pause and ChA-ChB Counting Inputs Multiplication Coefficient and Decimal Point Position 6 Digits process (PV) and 6 digits Set (SV) Value Display Operation with 1 Set Value NPN/PNP Type Operation Operation with Automatic and Manuel Reset INC, DEC, INC/INC, INC/DEC, UP/DOWN, x1 / x2 / x4 Counting with Phase Shifting Property