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Digital ON/OFF + DEFROST Cooling Controller 1 Output for compressor control Operation selection of compressor operate continously, stops or operates periodically in case of cabinet probe defect Cooling Application NTC Input or PTC Input (Must be determined in order.) ON/OFF Control Adjustable °C and°F Set value boundaries Selectable defrost function (hot gas or electric) Installing parameters using Prokey (Optional) Remote access, data collecting and controlling with ModBus RTU (Optional)


Digital ON/OFF Temperature Control Device With Buzzer 4 Digits display User can select to start cooking time (Timer) when temperature reaches to the set value Adjustable temperature offset Functional Internal Buzzer ON / OFF temperature control User can select to start Cooking Time when Temperature reaches to the Set Value PTC, NTC, PT-100, PT-1000 thermoresistances input types Fe-Const (J), NiCr-Ni (K) thermocouples input types Temperature Control Output and Alarm Output Relay or SSR Driver Output Remote access, data collecting and controlling wiht Modbus RTU (Optional) Installing parameters using Prokey (Optional)